1. Date and time you last accessed the parking system:         AM   PM    

2. For which public lots did you request parking information?

3. Where did your trip begin? (City, State):

Where will your trip end? (City, State):  

4. How did you access the Truck 'N Park system?

5. If you accessed the system by phone, have you used the "call-back" feature (where the system called
you back with updated information on available parking spaces)?

6. How many times have you used the parking system?

7. Was the system easy-to-use?

8. Did you change your travel plans (e.g., stop or not stop at a given parking lot) based on information
you received from the parking system?

9. Was the parking information accurate?

10. Will you use the Truck 'N Park System again?

11. Overall, did the system address your parking needs?

If "No", please explain (up to 100 characters):

 12. Please provide any additional comments you have about the system (up to 200 characters):